St. George Transportation Services is part of Ancillary Services which is a division of University Operations. We operate 37 surface lots and 9 underground garages, providing 2,091 parking spaces for students, faculty and staff.

We are proud members of:

OCPA (Ontario Campus Parking Association)

CPA (Canadian Parking Association)

IPI (International Parking Institute)

Our Mission
The mission of the St. George Transportation Services is to provide effective parking services to the University community. This includes:

  • Balancing parking supply and parking demand;
  • Allocating parking permits to customers in a manner so that they can most conveniently carry out their business on the St. George campus;
  • Ensuring that parking rates are competitive;
  • Ensuring that parking facilities are available, functional, safe and convenient to use;
  • Ensuring that there is an effective enforcement process to protect the parking spaces for legitimate parking customers;
  • Providing incidental services which generate no revenues, but which enhance the public image and objectives of the University (giving directions, traffic control, special events parking, control of tour buses, providing information on campus events, etc.).