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Commercial Parking

If you require parking for/as a contractor, monthly commercial permits are available for purchase online. 


You will be required to input the licence plate of the vehicle you will be using (only 1 plate number is allowed per permit – it acts as your proof of purchase). However, you will have access to your account to switch plates. There is a maximum of 7 changes per last 7 days. No physical permit will be issued.

Permit Purchase

*Permits for the 107 St. George St. garage are not available for purchase at this time. For more detailed information, please review the Parking Regulations related to this permit*


Parking Rates

Applies to permits purchased within the period of May 01, 2024 to April 30, 2025, inclusive. Rates include HST.





Guidelines for Contractor Parking

*All contractors who park on the St. George campus should carefully review and follow the Parking Regulations related to this permit*

Contractors should note the following:

1.  Commercial parking permits are available to a limited number of service people and contractors for specified areas only.  These permits are only supplied when parking is essential in the performance of the work. They are not issued for the convenience of contractors’ staff to transport them to and from the University. Applications will only be processed, and a permit issued, if the required criteria is met to the satisfaction of Transportation Services.

2.  At any time, either before, while or after a commercial permit is issued, Transportation Services reserves the right to request proof and/or a means of verifying that you are working on a U of T construction site. If sufficient documentation is not provided, Transportation Services reserves the right to revoke any or all parking privileges on University property.

3.  Commercial parking permits may by purchased by the week or the month. Parking is subject to special regulations (these change from time to time depending on avaible parking inventory, type of construction activity, University needs, etc.),  please contact the Transportation Services office for the most current restrictions. Presently, these include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Under no circumstances are commercial permits valid in reserved spaces.
  2. Commercial permits are NOT valid at 55 St. George (Myhal Centre), 60 St. George (Physics), 6 King’s College Road (behind Pratt Building) as well as 88 and 100 College (Banting Institute) during normal working hours (7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday).

4.  Permits are sold on a monthly and/or weekly basis with a start date of permit holder’s choice. A permit may be cancelled at anytime by submitting a cancellation form to the Transportation Services office. An administrative fee will be levied for all cancellations. When cancelled, a per day charge is applicable for the number of days the permit is valid for during the active monthly/weekly period, determined by the permit’s start date.


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