Terms of Use


The following terms and conditions are binding and non-negotiable when buying a Flexpass package:

  1. Above and beyond the terms detailed below, you are to abide by, and are beholden to, the rules and regulations governing parking and the use of all parking permits on the St. George campus set forth by Transportation Services in their Parking Regulations.
  1. Flexpass packages are available for purchase only by faculty, staff and students of the University of Toronto. To both request a Flexpass package account and have access to claim your individual day passes online, the following is required:
    • You must submit your “” (if faculty/staff) or “” (if student) e-mail in the request form.
    • You must provide a valid, active employee personnel number OR student number.
    • Have active UTORid credentials
  1. Flexpass packages are only valid at a single designated location. They have no value in any other parking area on campus. They can be purchased for the following facilities:
    • Lot C (Bahen Centre)
    • Lot I (OISE Garage)
    • Lot N (Graduate House Garage)
    • Lot P (107 St. George Garage) – Please Note: This facility is gated. So long as the correct license plate is registered, the LPR system (License Plate Recognition) will scan your plate and automatically raise the gate when entering and exiting. As a backup, in case an incorrect license plate is registered or there is a technical problem, be sure to have your QR code available to scan in and out of the facility. A unique code is emailed to the permit holder each time they claim an individual day pass from their package.
  1. Individual day passes are valid only on weekdays, Monday to Friday, 6:00am to 10:00pm. If your parking session (at Lot C, Lot I and Lot N) starts before or exceeds the weekday period of 6am–10pm, alternate methods of payment for your parking must be made to continue authorized parking. Otherwise, enforcement action will be taken. Any tickets issued under such circumstances will not be withdrawn. There are no exceptions.
  1. Any Flexpass package purchased in the current permit year (May 2023 – April 2024) will be valid until April 30, 2024. After that date, they will be expired and no longer have any value.
  1. Because a gating system controls entry and exit to Lot P (107 St. George Garage), individual day passes are valid for one entry and one exit during a single day regardless of the time spent in the parking facility. Whether you are parked for 30 minutes, or several hours, your pass will only allow you in and out of the facility once. Furthermore, your pass will not work at the gates if the following is attempted:
    • Using a pass to enter the garage before 6am; and if you enter taking a ticket at the entry gate, it will not work if you attempt to use it when you leave the facility. Payment will have to be made at a paystation in the garage. Regular rates will apply and under such circumstances refund requests will not be approved.
    • If leaving the garage after 10pm, after using your pass at the exit gate, you will be prompted to pay applicable additional fees to cover the time period of your stay not covered by your pass. Once paid, the exit gate will open. Regular rates will apply and under such circumstances refund requests will not be approved.
  1. Flexpass package account holders are solely responsible for registering the correct vehicle to their individual day passes. Incomplete or incorrect license plates will invalidate the pass (when enforcement officers scan the vehicle license plate on-site it will not link your active pass). In such cases, it’s possible a PVN (Parking Violation Notice) or “ticket” will be issued. Under such circumstances, Transportation Services will not withdraw said tickets or provide refunds for the pass in question. There are no exceptions.
  1. Flexpass package account holders are solely responsibile for their voucher code (password) management. Sharing your password to share your account is allowed. However, Transportation Services does not montior account usage or act as a gatekeeper to verify users. Nor shall it be held liable to provide refunds or other compensation to account holders if other individuals use their valid voucher code (password) to gain entry to their Flexpass package. It is incumbent the account holder chooses a reasonably complex password and make sure to keep it secure.
  1. The purchaser is free to share their Flexpass package with whomever they wish. However, it is solely the purchaser’s responsibility to monitor usage. Transportation Services will not:
    • Mediate disputes (in regards to usage) among individuals sharing said package.
    • Provide reimbursement or additional entries/exits for any Flexpass package purchased due to a dispute (in regards to usage) among individuals sharing said package.
  1. Flexpass packages can be cancelled. However, cancelling your Flexpass package will incur a 15% administrative fee (based on the total value of your package, i.e. the original purchase price). Additionally, the discount rate will be recalculated based on the number of passes used (not purchased). These fees will be applied regardless of circumstances. There are no exceptions.