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Parking permits

OISE External

Available to members of the community that do not fall within the University’s faculty / staff, student or other University affiliated categories. Parking for this permit type is only available at the OISE garage located at 71 Prince Arthur Avenue.

Vehicle Change

Changing your vehicle on your account: 

OISE External permits can only have one active license plate. However, you will have access to your account to switch plates. There is a maximum of 7 changes per last 7 days. To request an account to manage your vehicle through the online permit portal, please contact Transportation Services by e-mail at transportation@utoronto.ca.

It is imperative that your vehicle information is accurate. It will be the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure the license plate registered to their account matches the vehicle they are parking on campus. Inputting an incorrect license plate will result in a ticket (Parking Violation Notice) being issued and/or a vehicle tow at the owner’s expense. Under such circumstances, Transportation Services  will not withdraw said ticket. There are no exceptions.


Permit Purchase

*For more detailed information, please review the 2023/2024 Parking Regulations related to this permit*

Permits are available for purchase online onlyOnly one permit can be issued to each permit holder.

OISE External permits are available monthly and annually.

Parking Rates

Applies to permits purchased within the period of May 01, 2024 to April 30, 2025, inclusive. Rates include HST.





Cancellation Policy

Permit holders may submit a cancellation request (by downloading the fillable cancellation form, electronically completing & signing it) for their permit at any time. Cancellation requests must be received by the Transportation Services office on or before the last business day of the month, during our normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 5:00 pm (summer hours in July and August are Monday to Friday, 8:15 am to 4:30 pm), so there will be no charge for the following month. An administrative fee will be applied for all (non-annual) temporary permits.

Meaning, if the last day(s) of the month falls on a weekend or statutory/University holiday (i.e. typical days our office is closed) and the form is submitted on such a date, the submission will be considered past due and parking fees will still apply for the following month.

Once the permit is expired in our database, parking on University property will require payment at a Pay-by-Plate machine or use of the pay-by-phone app, ParkedIn. There is no area, time or circumstances that allow for free parking on campus. Proof of purchase must always be verifiable by Parking Control Officers. Failure to do so will result in a Parking Violation Notice (also known as a ticket) being issued to such unauthorized vehicles.

A telephone call or e-mail to the Transportation Services office, signalling your intent to cancel your permit, is not sufficient to effect a cancellation. Payroll deductions will not be stopped, or refunds of prepayments authorized, until a Transportation Services cancellation form has been sent to transportation@utoronto.ca.

A permit must be cancelled when university employment is terminated. A break in service extending beyond one month (other than for an approved leave-of-absence) is considered to be a termination.

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