Departmental Account Request


Department login credentials are required to purchase monthly, weekly or daily passes. In order to request login credentials, you must have the authority to use your department’s billing accounts.


1) Please be aware, the requester cannot purchase permits for themselves, as the only payment option is a journal voucher (debit memo). The University’s “one-up” policy (see link here for more information)  must be followed at all times. If you have been authorized by your superior to purchase a permit for yourself, they must send an authorization email to

2) Once your request is processed, a permit(s) and receipt will automatically be generated and sent to the email address listed in the department contact email field. This should be the person that requires the receipt for documentation purposes and is administering permits. This email receipt can only be generated once so please be sure the correct email address is input.

3) Only one license plate is allowed per permit. Vehicle changes or license plate corrections are not allowed. Please ensure the license plate is inputted correctly. If an error has been made with the license plate, Transportation Services must be notified via email ( immediately. If a correction is required, a new permit with the correct license plate will have to be purchased and the cancellation of the pass with the incorrect license plate will be subject to an administrative fee. Any requests received after the active date of the permit in effect will not be fulfilled.

4) There must be a minimum of one (1) contact in your account. This contact will be the person responsible for ordering permits and must be authorized by the department to use their billing numbers.

5) Any cancellations will be subject to an administrative fee. A PERMIT CAN NOT BE CANCELLED DURING OR AFTER AN ACTIVE DATE.

Please see the “how-to” guide to steer you through the process to access our online permit portal.



  • The FIS account numbers provided below will be used for billing in the event that the FIS account numbers provided at the time of purchase are invalid.