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Alert! Reserve staff and student permit sales will be intermittently disabled. See message below for details.

Parking permits


To meet the needs of those who drive regularly to campus (both University employees and students), but not often enough to warrant purchasing a parking permit, U of T Transportation Services offers the Flexpass — a package of daily parking passes at a reduced price — perfect for occasional parking on campus.


All Flexpass packages purchased in the current permit year will expire April 30, 2023. After the expiration date, they cannot be used under any circumstances.

Flexpasses are offered in packages of prepaid one-time use parking, valid Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 10:00pm.

Flexpass Request

Flexpass accounts will only be created for individuals who have an official University of Toronto e-mail address as well as an employee personnel number or student number.

Flexpass packages are only valid at their designated location and have no value at any other parking area on campus.

Parking at Lot C (Bahen Centre), Lot I (OISE Garage) and Lot N (Grad House Garage) is open air. Meaning, there is no barrier to enter and exit the facility.

At Lot P (107 St. George), an automated gating system controls entry and exit to the parking lot. For those individuals who purchase a Flexpass package at this location, each individual day pass allows one vehicle one entry and one exit from the garage (no in-and-out privileges). So long as the correct license plate is registered, the LPR system (License Plate Recognition) will scan your plate and automatically raise the gate when entering and exiting. As a backup, in case an incorrect license plate is registered or there is a technical problem, be sure to have your QR code available to scan in and out of the facility. A unique code is emailed to the permit holder each time they claim an individual day pass from their package.

IMPORTANT! When purchasing your Flexpass package, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use. Please review before proceeding. These regulations are strictly enforced and unfamiliarity with them will not constitute reasonable grounds for Transportation Services to void tickets and/or additional charges.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Flexpass Rates

Available in various package sizes, Flexpasses offer significant savings over daily rates:

4 Flexpasses

Save 10% off the daily rate

Based on selected location

8 Flexpasses

Save 15% off the daily rate

Based on selected location

12 Flexpasses

Save 25% off the daily rate

Based on selected location

Location4 Pack (10% Discount)8 Pack (15% Discount)12 Pack (25% Discount)
Lot C
Bahen Centre
213 Huron St.
Standard Day Rate: $25
($22.50 per pass)
($21.25 per pass)
($18.75 per pass)
Lot I
OISE Garage
71 Prince Arthur Ave.
Standard Day Rate: $16
($14.40 per pass)
($13.60 per pass)
($12.00 per pass)
Lot N
Grad House Garage
17 Glen Morris St.
Standard Day Rate: $18
($16.20 per pass)
($15.30 per pass)
($13.50 per pass)
Lot P
107 St. George Garage
Standard Day Rate: $20
($18.00 per pass)
($17.00 per pass)
($15.00 per pass)
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flexpass FAQS

Looking to know more?

Find the answers to all your questions in our Flexpass FAQs.

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